19 February 2020

LifeVidaForCitrus Workday

On the 10th and 11th of March 2020 on the island of Tenerife (Spain), organized by the Canary Islands Institute of Agricultural Research (ICIA), the first working day of the European project will take place, in which all the partners of the Life Vida For Citrus program will be present.

The first day of work, Tuesday 10th March, will be dedicated to coordination and monitoring meetings of the activities carried out in the project during its first year of life. First of all Asaja Málaga will present the state of execution of the project activities. Coordinated by IVIA and IFAPA there will be a review meeting of technical activities for the year 2020. Transfer Consultancy will present the state of economic execution of the project. After this series of meetings, a guided tour of the Botanical Garden of the Island will take place.  

In the afternoon the project will be presented to the press. If necessary, because the project was not finished in the morning, the technical activities will be reviewed in a parallel session.

On Wednesday 11 March, the day will begin with an intervention by IFAPA, to offer a short introduction to what the HLB is.

IVIA will be in charge of explaining the symptoms and their early detection, while this institute together with the canary (ICIA) will expose the ways of recognizing the vectors of HLB.

The first session will end with an intervention by a representative of IFAPA to break down the characteristics of HLB-tolerant rootstocks.

IFAPA will also present good cultural practices that can be developed, as well as the importance of water saving, sustainable soil management and fertilization. Biological vector control will be discussed by IVIA and ICIA.

At the end of the training day, the field plot will be visited, where the monitoring techniques to be executed in the different demonstration plots can be reviewed.


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