28 julio 2022

Call for tenders for the production of 2 white papers for the Life Vida For Citrus Project LIFE18 / CCA / EN / 001109
Objective: works for the realisation of two white papers

Entity: Asaja Nacional
Budget: 16.000,00 €.
Deadline for receipt of bids: 31/08/2022

A public call for tenders is launched for the production of two white papers in Spanish and English. Below, we give the characteristics of the profile of the contractor.
The project LIFE LIFE CITRUS LIFE (LIFE18 / CCA / ES / 001109) will run from 7/1/2019 to 30/06/2023. It aims to develop sustainable control strategies for citrus under threat of climate change and to prevent the entry of HLB into the EU. It is implemented in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and has a total of 13 partners.
What is the objective of this public tender by Asaja?

The objective of the contract is to award the contract for the production of 2 white papers, in English and Spanish, with a length each of between 50 and 100 pages in printable PDF format, aimed at the general public, entities, public bodies,… and which will serve as support for presentations to the European Parliament. The content will be worked on jointly by the contractor and a project team.
The first white paper will serve as a basis for disseminating certain aspects of the Life Vida For Citrus project, and of good practices in citrus cultivation with respect to climate change and thus influence policy-making decisions related to agriculture and HLB prevention.
The second white paper will address strategies to put this topic on the European policy agenda and enable the future adoption of prevention strategies promoted by regional and international political leaders.
Who is the awarding entity? Asaja Nacional, partner Life Vida For Citrus.
What is the base tender budget? The base tender budget is 16.000,00 €.
What is the execution period? The execution period of this tender will be from the date of award until the date of completion of the project in any case (23/06/2023), without prejudice to the fact that the contracted work must be delivered within the following deadlines:
1st and 2nd white paper: Before 31/11/2022
Updates: before 01/05/2023.
What is the deadline for submitting a tender? The deadline for submitting bids will be until 31/08/2022 at 14:00.

Tender for the production of TWO WHITE PAPERS for Asaja NACIONAL, within the scope of the Life Vida For Citrus Project.


1 2.1 Technical characteristics of the videos.
1 2.2 Description of the service.
1 2.3 Phases of the service.
1 2.4 Creative line:
2 2.5 Organisational framework.

1 OBJECT: The award of the contract for the preparation of two white papers, 2 white papers with a length each of between 50 and 100 pages in printable PDF format, aimed at the general public, entities, public bodies,… and which will serve as support for presentations to the European Parliament.
2.1 Technical characteristics of the white papers.

  • Between 50 and 100 pages
  • DIN A – 4
  • Printable PDF format
  • Spanish and English version
  • The content will be worked on jointly by the company awarded the contract and a project team.

Quality improvements in this configuration will be admitted as long as the awarded company proposes it and the changes are approved by Asaja Nacional, as representative of the Life Vida For Citrus LIFE18 / CCA / ES / 001109 Project.

2.2 Description of the service.
The service to be provided will include the development of two white papers, referring to different blocks of information on the Life Vida For Citrus project, to be used as support in the presentations to the general public, entities, public bodies and also to the European Parliament.

  • Each white paper will be between 50 and 100 pages long.
    2.3 Phases of the service.
    The different phases of the service will comprise:
  • The planning of the work to be carried out and the work methodology, establishment of the table of contents and contents coordinated with members of the project.
  • The proposal of ideas and establishment of the line to be followed.
  • Partial validation of the text and layout.
  • Execution.
  • The delivery of the white papers, which must have the express agreement of Asaja Nacional.

2.4 Creative line:
The main indications to be followed are:

  • The white papers must be informative.
  • An accessible language will be used, as they will also be addressed to a non-specialised public, always bearing in mind the informative and replication nature with regard to the Life Vida For Citrus Project and its contribution to Climate Change. The tone of the messages should be informative, close and direct, able to reach a wide range of target audiences.
  • The content of the books will deal with certain aspects of the Life Vida For Citrus project, prevention against HLB in citrus and good practices in citrus cultivation with regard to climate change.
  • The layout must be attractive.
  • Both white papers should be written in Spanish and English.

2.5 Organisational framework.
The number of professionals must be adequate to be able to satisfactorily undertake the production of the white papers. There is no minimum number of specialists involved in the creation of the white papers, as long as the objective to be achieved is guaranteed, although this aspect will be assessed.
Therefore, the bidder will configure the composition and professional profiles that it considers appropriate to be able to meet the established objective. Priority will also be given to those proposals in which the professional background of the staff making up the work team is attached, detailing their professional career, general and specific training, and experience in similar projects in which they have participated, indicating the functions carried out in each of them.

The white papers will be delivered to Asaja Nacional and to the communication office of the Life Vida For Citrus project, which will become the intellectual property of the same, so that they can be disseminated through their websites, social networks and/or any medium or channel they deem appropriate. The delivery dates will be determined specifically for each white paper or block of each of the publications to be produced, the dates will be agreed in writing between the parties and any delay in the delivery of the work for reasons attributable to the bidder will be subject to a penalty of 40% of the amount of the invoice.

Tenders should be sent to:
If you have any queries about the tender, please contact Asaja Nacional using the form at:
The bidder may attach its technical proposal within the deadline established for this purpose (until 31/08/2022 at 14:00 h.), with any additional information it deems of interest, and it must be structured as follows:

  • Table of contents
  • Quality of the work team. This section shall include information on the proposed work team, in terms of the number of professionals assigned and ordered by professional category. Data shall be provided on the profile of each member of the proposed team and on the similar projects on which they have worked, completing a personnel questionnaire for each case according to the model included in the appendix to this PPT. If possible, a sample of similar publications, in which members of the proposed team have been involved, carried out in the last three years, shall be provided to enable the experience of the team in the development of this type of work to be assessed. They must be uploaded in «zip» format and with a maximum size of 50 Mb.
  • Organisation of the work and possible measures arranged for the execution of the contract The methodology used for the development of the project shall be indicated: the layout technique to be used and its characteristics; the minimum time estimate; the number of possible revisions, the work schedule; etc. This chapter shall also include a description of the measures provided by the bidder to guarantee adequate compliance with the contract.


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