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LIFE Vida for Citrus is a European project that was created with the purpose of protecting the citrus sector by developing disease-resistant plants, and with the idea of implementing environmentally friendly cultural practices.

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What is the HLB?

Citrus fruits are vulnerable to a disease called Huanlongbing (HLB) or “citrus greening,” caused by CandidatusLiberibacterspp, a bacterium that spreads by insects.

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Life Vida for Citrus

…seeks to develop a tool for rapid detection of the disease, which would greatly facilitate its control


Contribute to the early diagnosis of HLB by developing a marketable early detection kit.


Try new pathogen-resistant and heat-tolerant rootstocks that can be adapted to Mediterranean citrus production and thus increase plant resilience.


Demonstrate effective techniques to control the propagation of vectors


Increase the defense of the ecosystem with sustainable agricultural practices, while providing other environmental benefits.


Promote international cooperation and involve the outermost regions of the EU to prevent the entry of HLB and contain the spread.


Create a replicable model of agricultural practices for the prevention of vectors / diseases


Life Vida for Citrus